Why Print Advertising Fails and Digital Advertising Succeeds

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Advertising is an essential part of your business operations. It is how you set the company apart from the competition. Modern technology has made changes to the advertising game and now digital advertising campaigns are seeing more successful results than traditional print advertising campaigns. Here is a look at why that change is taking place.


Mobility Factor

Consumers have several options at their fingertips that allow them to go online and interact with your company. Most of these consumers utilize a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other technical device to access the Internet. That makes it possible for them to see your digital advertisements while in line at the grocery store, waiting in the parent pick-up line at school or relaxing on the couch at the end of their day. Traditional print advertisements have a limit on how to come in contact with your target market audience. That reduces the percentage of consumers who can benefit from your promotional messages.


Outcome Measurements

Digital advertising campaigns provide you with the opportunity to measure the success or failure of a campaign through real-time data reports. When you are running a search engine optimization, or SEO, campaign, you can monitor performance activities such as indexation, backlinks, rankings and website traffic to see how the campaign is performing. As the campaign progresses, you can check the measurements and make changes as necessary. Print advertising campaigns typically provide you with reports once the campaign has come to an end. By then, it is too late to make adjustments that would allow for a more successful outcome of the campaign.


Price Structure

A print advertising campaign has the potential to cost a significant portion of your marketing budget. Paper advertisements are more costly due to the color settings and quantities of papers that a company prints out for delivery. National newspaper publications typically charge approximately $15,000 for a full page color advertisement. Local publications cost slightly less at $1,000 for the same size advertisement. Digital advertisements cost significantly less than that per month and allow you to reach a wider portion of your target market audience. The average cost of a digital ad campaign is approximately $260 per month for most Internet marketing companies.


Your advertising budget will have more optimization by selecting digital formats over traditional print campaigns. It allows you to reach a wider portion of your target market audience and make changes when necessary. Print advertising campaigns can possibly consume a significant portion of your entire marketing budget and you will be unable to know if a campaign is running successfully or not until it is over. Your audience reach has limitations set by the newspaper delivery areas as well. Digital advertising campaigns are the most cost effective option and ensure a successful return on your marketing investments.

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affiliatesWhy Print Advertising Fails and Digital Advertising Succeeds