The Secret to Driving Traffic To Your Website

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Every marketing campaign has one goal in mind behind all the glitz, glamour, and graphic design: Return On Investment. Advertising or marketing campaigns are only as good as the minimal amount they cut into profit. Using Facebook statistics, any business can verify which ad campaigns have the highest ROI and re-rerun what is most successful. This maximizes the value of advertising dollars spent based on social statistics that show customers following through to a purchase. In many ways, social ROI is a strong indicator of financial ROI There are numerous social statistics to track, but here are the most important ones:

-Facebook Daily Active Users

1.6 billion people log in to Facebook every day, and that number continues to grow nearly 10% year over year. That shows the potential market is both consistent and expanding, and more users are exposed to marketing every day.

-Likes and Shares

These are viewed across ten million websites every day. That is a massive amount of actual user feedback being generated, and any business can control any portion of that with the right targeted marketing.


Facebook indicates that its largest demographic is persons ages 29-34, which is 29.7% of its user base. In terms of income, this is also the key demographic that possesses the most spending power in the United States. In short, marketing and advertising should be directed to social media statistics generated by this demographic in order to get the most bang for the advertising buck.

-Peak Traffic

The most trafficked time period on Facebook reads as midweek between 1-3 p.m. local time for each timezone. Now that doesn’t necessarily guarantee an increase in social ROI, but peak traffic is an excellent indicator in terms of ad and marketing campaign placement. Bear in mind as well that peak time may also become premium virtual real-estate in the future.

-Average Visit Time

The average user spends 20 minutes per visit on Facebook. That window of opportunity is vast, and allows for a significant amount of ad traffic. This statistic helps marketers tailor their advertising to rotations that maximize exposure during the average visit. It also allows creatives at marketing agencies to monitor and adjust campaigns based on their hourly/daily rotation.

These five statistics are by no means a certainty, but they are strong indicators of how well or poorly a marketing campaign is currently improving your financial ROI. If your business is struggling to take advantage of Facebook as a marketing platform, or you would like to maximize your marketing dollars, then consider contracting with a marketing agency that has expertise in social media analytics. Improve your social ROI using Facebook. With patience and statistical research,you will soon see your financial ROI grow as well.

affiliatesThe Secret to Driving Traffic To Your Website