Ostersund, Sweden - October 24, 2015: Google analytics website under a magnifying glass.. Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates statistics about a website's traffic.

The Pros of Google Analytics

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It’s normal for any busy to be curious about the productivity of their web page. One of the easiest ways to follow and track web traffic is through Google Analytics. Google has provided the service to websites since 2005 after taking over Urchin. Since that time, Google Analytics had become the most popular and widely used web analytics service available on the internet. There is now also an additional two versions, Google Analytics for Mobile Apps and Google Analytics 360, known previously as Google Analytics Premium.

Google Analytics has integrated with AdWords, which now allows users to track the landing and goals of their online campaigns. Some of the goals that users may be trying to accomplish include generating leads, a specific page being viewed, a specific file being downloaded, or online sales.

Google Analytics takes on the approach of showing high level, dashboard type information for a casual user, and delivers a more in depth research later throughout the report. Pages which are performing poorly are identified through Google Analytics by using techniques such as where the visitors of the page are coming from, their geographical location, how long they stayed on the page, and funnel visualization. Sales performance and activity can be tracked through e-commerce reporting which shows the revenue, transactions, and many other metrics related to commerce from the website. These analytics have been able to be tracked in real time since September 29, 2011.

Each user is able to have as many as 100 profiles for the site, each corresponding to one website. The profile is limited that have traffic of less than 5 million page views each month. However, the page views can be higher if they are linked to an AdWords campaign.

Free lessons on Google Analytics IQ are available through Google. They also provide a free help center, a group forum, and Google analytic certification tests. There is a Google Analytic blog that is used for announcing new product features. There is also enterprise support through certified partners of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics 5 takes the best features available and makes them even easier to use. This version allows the user to view which campaign has produced the most traffic and started the most conversations, as well as determine which geographical area the best visitors are located in. It also provides users with the opportunity to see what the site’s viewers are searching for on the site.

affiliatesThe Pros of Google Analytics