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Optimizing Your Site For Mobile

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Accessing websites from mobile devises is becoming increasingly popular. Statistics show that more than 60% of interent access is mobile, making it essential that your mobile marketing campaign receives just as much attention to detail as your traditional websites. There are a variety of factors that need to be considered when optimizing your website for mobile use.

– The size of the screen’s content and text is the first thing to consider. It is inconvenient for users to zoom in and out to be able to read the content on a page. Panning all around the page makes the website difficult, and visitors will not be encouraged to return. By making the font and content size appropriate, visitors will not be required to scroll horizontally to view what they desire. Make the content vertically accessible, allowing visitors to simply go up and down to view everything that they wish.

-Make the most important information concise. Traditional websites are full of text, links, sidebars, graphics, and other content that becomes cluttered when put on a mobile device. Cut the additional content and keep only the most important information on the mobile site. When determining what the most important content is, always remember that the user is accessing the site mobile. Why are they going to your site? Why can’t the information or services they are trying to access wait until they get home? After you have determined this, make this the most prominent content on your mobile site.

-Ensure that the style and layout of your page is consistent with your brand. The mobile site should be different, but should have the same feel, navigation, colors, and content that you would expect from the brand. Users should be able to mentally connect the sites together by their visual elements.

– Avoid unnecessary elements that will bog down mobile devices. Fancy flash and java features will slow down mobile devices more than traditional computers. Users are all about speed, reliability, quick downloads, frequent updates, and high-quality content. Give them exactly what they need and want. Do not fill the space of your site with content that will not satisfy their demands. Remember, practicality is more important than aesthetics.

– Do not use pop-up windows. It is frustrating for users to have to navigate between multiple pages on a mobile device. If it is necessary to open an additional page, alert the visitors before clicking so that they are aware of where they are being sent, and how they can return once they are finished.

– Always enable the users to visit the full site if they desire. Some content and features the user’s desire will not be available from the mobile site, but they should have the option to access them. Some visitors feel more comfortable with the traditional site, and know how to navigate those pages better to find what they like. Although you should make your mobile site as user-friendly and convenient as possible, always allow visitors to use the full site if they prefer.

Mobile websites are new to the world of marketing, and a host of features are yet to be explored to optimize the best experience. By taking advantage of what has been proven to work, and creatively experimenting with new ideas and concepts, you can make the most of your online marketing. Mobile compatibility is the future, and by learning the techniques necessary for success now you are ensuring productivity in the expanding marketplace. Visit other mobile site and see what they do wrong and right. Evaluate how you feel while browsing their content, and determine what will work best for your own. Google search engine optimization is shifting their ranking to weigh more heavily mobile content, so taking advantage of optimizing your site for mobile will help make your site more prominent, user-friendly, and overall more popular.

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