Income Builders: Let’s Monetize Your Blog

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You’ve created your latest, greatest blog. You’ve added tons of high quality fresh, readable content and added our Kraverr content widget. You have some traffic flowing through your social media channels and maybe even some paid advertising. Now, you want to make some money so you can not only pay your hosting bill, but maybe quit the day job and make a full time income from blogging.

Here is a list of 4 quick and easy ways to monetize your blog and turn it from a hobby into a money making endeavor.

Affiliate Marketing Programs and Platforms
Many of our affiliates earn a better than average income from affiliate marketing. Rather than having to sign up to several different programs, affiliate marketers can apply for offers through our platform. This provides an all in one place to check stats and collect earnings, rather than having to wait on payments from multiple platforms and programs. If you’re not already an affiliate of our, signup today.

Pay Per Click Advertising
Pay per click (known in the industry as PPC), as the name implies is where a company or program pays you money every time someone clicks on one of their ads. It’s the simplest and purest form of monetization. Most pay per click advertisers will want a certain amount of traffic flowing through your site before approving you to place PPC ads. Amongst the most popular is Google Adsense.

Create An Email List and Collect Email Addresses
Adding an email collection form to your site will allow you to collect email addresses from your visitors. You often offer them something like a newsletter, updates or a downloadable item such as an ebook or white paper. Once you have their email address, you can send them a newsletter with ads inside or send them advertising offers. To avoid problems with hosting and upsetting your subscribers, we recommend using a solid email platform that will help you send properly formatted emails and provide some automation services. You should also familiarize yourself with email marketing regulations and best practices.

Write and Sell An E-Book
Is your blog specific to a top or expertise? Consider writing your own ebook with bonus material not available on your blog. You can charge a dollar or a couple dollars or more depending on your skill level, expertise and audience. An ebook can be an effective upsell for your blog, so you can offer a certain amount of information or advice for free and then sell an ebook with more advanced, or premium, information.

There are several different ways of monetizing your blog and these few are just the starting point. They are the easiest to start with. Watch for part 2 of this series for more in-depth coverage of other monetization methods.

affiliatesIncome Builders: Let’s Monetize Your Blog