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Dominating News Through Social Media

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As technology progresses, access to news gets easier and easier. Social media is now bringing news to the fingertips of millions. With this phenomenon comes the competition. The leading contenders in the news distribution battle are Apple, Twitter, and Facebook.

To begin with Apple news does not carry original content and doesn’t have major social exposure. The app collects content from over 70 publishers and is being used by approximately 40 million people. The main issue is that it relies on third parties and mainly focuses on the monopolization of news.
Twitter, in the other hand, is a real-time news source. With the use of hashtags, it allows users to explore and interact in topics relevant to them. To broaden its stance on news, Twitter launched Moments, which features tweets for that day’s breaking stories. The disadvantage of this tool is that information could get lost if you are not constantly on your phone. Also, it relies heavily on multimedia elements.

Facebook, having over 1 billion daily users, tried conquering the News market with its “Facebook Paper” but failed. A useful tool Facebook offers, is Facebook Notify, which could be the solution to distributing news to the masses. One of the main advantages is that Facebook lets you drive traffic to your targeted Algotithms. But, the excessive amount of notifications may irritate users.
Which major Social Medial platform will you be reading your news?

affiliatesDominating News Through Social Media