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So you have a great product or service to sell, and you need to get the word out. While the internet has been great in bringing us sites like Etsy, where anyone can make and sell just about anything, this also creates the issue of actually letting people know about your product? How can you possibly go about creating an effective marketing campaign? A lot can be learned from one of the top companies of the last decade, Apple Inc. Apple went from an 8 billion dollar company to a 180 billion dollar company in just ten years. That sort of leap is all but unheard of; Steve Jobs managed to take his struggling company and turn it around to produce some of the most in-demand products of our time. So, how did Apple do it?


Avoid Price Wars; Focus Instead on Value

Every single day people are hit with pricing, pricing, pricing. Great, so you have low prices; so do fifty other places or services. Or maybe, you have slightly higher prices, but you can’t turn a profit and lower costs to consumers at the same time. Apple made their products by thinking about the entire product, end-to-end, and focusing on user experience. Most other computer

You need to make sure that whatever your product does, it does it extremely well. With an Apple product, you will pay more for what you’re getting. But you also get quality and value. Apart from one hard drive failure after more than four years, and maybe two other times my computer froze up, I have had the same MacBook Pro for the last five years with only a handful of issues. And the software continues to perform beautifully. I paid a lot for my MacBook, but it has been well worth it.


Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication. – Leonardo da Vinci

Another strategy Apple employs is simplifying everything. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the early 00s, he got rid of a ton of extraneous projects and focused Apple back on the Mac and the iPod, mostly the iPod. And it worked. Apple stocks rose 3000% from 2001 to 2014.

Jobs focused intensely on bringing a user-friendly experience with smooth transition from MP3 purchasing in iTunes, to downloading and file transfer to your device, to user interface on the iPod itself. According to the Steve Jobs biography, he drove developers crazy insisting that they simplify, simplify, simplify. The user should have to navigate through no more than just a handful of menus to find songs or playlists and back again to the home screen. Many other companies tried, and failed, hard, to bring about viable MP3 players; but none achieved the same end-to-end integration for ease of use that Apple did. Apple won. Simplify your product and marketing strategy; focus on just one or two key ideas.


Appeal to Emotion, Get Endorsements

When the reimagined iPod hit stores, the accompanying ads featured silhouettes of people dancing and enjoying their bright, white iPods with their iconic earbuds. It looked fun, and Apple made sure celebrities had an iPod. The most popular question in interviews was “What songs are on your iPod?” or “What songs are in your pocket?” Apple created a product that everyone seemed to need and got big names to tout it. Now it may be hard for you to get your product into Justin Timberlake’s hands, but you can still find ways of getting your product out there and even gathering reviews from satisfied users to put on your site.

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