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The Top 5 Jobs You Can Do From Home

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Are you a student, looking for a way to make some money on the side without committing yourself to a full-time job? Are you a parent who wants to be there for the important moments in your kids’ lives, but still wants to earn an income? Or are you still deciding where you want to take your career, but know that you’d rather work from home than have to commute to an office every day? …

affiliatesThe Top 5 Jobs You Can Do From Home
Affiliate Marketing to Make Money Online Concept

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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Have you ever asked someone what they do for a living and they answered, “Affiliate Marketing?”  If you haven’t yet, you might sometime in the near future, because it is an increasingly popular and lucrative way for individuals to work from the comfort of their own home.  It’s also an attractive option for large marketing firms who work with volume to create large commissions.  So just what is this Affiliate Marketing thing and how does …

affiliatesAffiliate Marketing for Beginners
Ostersund, Sweden - October 24, 2015: Google analytics website under a magnifying glass.. Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates statistics about a website's traffic.

The Pros of Google Analytics

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It’s normal for any busy to be curious about the productivity of their web page. One of the easiest ways to follow and track web traffic is through Google Analytics. Google has provided the service to websites since 2005 after taking over Urchin. Since that time, Google Analytics had become the most popular and widely used web analytics service available on the internet. There is now also an additional two versions, Google Analytics for Mobile …

affiliatesThe Pros of Google Analytics

The Ugly Truth About Offline Marketing

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Image credit: linkedin You are the owner of a website, small business, blog, or startup, and you need to put together a marketing plan. The first thing you need to decide is whether to use Offline Marketing, Online Marketing, or a combination of the two. Let’s examine each type of marketing, including the strengths and weaknesses of each: Image Credit: Singapore Expo Offline Marketing Offline Marketing refers to traditional print advertising in newspapers and magazines …

affiliatesThe Ugly Truth About Offline Marketing
Office Desk with Tools and Notes About Digital Marketing

Best Way to Drive Traffic

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Digital marketing campaigns are a profitable way to drive more traffic to your company website. Activities include search engine optimization, social media and content marketing, email marketing and other technological activities. Here are five important tips that can help your company create a fierce digital marketing strategy. Step One – Set an Objective Work on a digital marketing strategy starts by setting a goal. It is the objective you want to reach once the campaign …

affiliatesBest Way to Drive Traffic
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Four Exciting Trends in Tech

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While domestic manufacturing jobs continue to be sent overseas to grow profits, the U.S. technology sector continues to move forward. Expansion of employees, research and development, and record profits indicate that the tech sector is not slowing down anytime soon. So what major factors are driving this industry? Will Americans and Canadians blindly adopt every new gadget that Apple and Google produce? Will retail sales continue to drop as millennials exercise their growing buying power …

affiliatesFour Exciting Trends in Tech
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Best Way to Achieve Your Sales Goals

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Sometimes it might be difficult to reach your target audience and you may not know why. Here’s a list of ideas on how to achieve your goals: – Study your target market. Know what they like and their behaviors before executing any sales campaigns. – Set your goals. Give yourself a realistic goal, don’t aim too high so you don’t get disappointed. – Review your goals on a weekly basis. Watch your analytics and reanalyze …

affiliatesBest Way to Achieve Your Sales Goals
organize and prioritize for success

Organization and Prioritization

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We’ve had a series of articles that explore getting organized to increase your productivity and income. If you want to make more money in affiliate marketing, then you need to find advantages over your competition and one of the best ways to do that is to stay organized so you can save time. The old adage is true: time is money. Once you’ve started organizing better, you’ll want to prioritize your tasks. This way you’ll …

affiliatesOrganization and Prioritization
productivity tips for affiliate marketers

4 Productivity Tips For The Super Busy Affiliate Marketer

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Being a super busy affiliate marketer often means you’re wearing many hats and juggling several tasks at once. Sometimes we sit and type away and realize we weren’t 100% productive. The great minds over at Hubspot have created an infographic highlighting 4 ways to pump up your productivity. They range from your work environment to taking of yourself to getting the most out of productivity tools. Body nourishment and getting enough sleep tend to be …

affiliates4 Productivity Tips For The Super Busy Affiliate Marketer
transparent and personalization

Hottest Marketing Buzz Words: Transparency and Personalization

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Affiliate marketing, and marketing in general, has changed and morphed over the years. For those who’ve been earning a living in affiliate marketing, it’s been a series of up, downs and transitions. What made money before barely pays the hosting bill now and what were once shunned marketing practices have become mainstream. For those new to affiliate marketing, it’s quite the ride, but with the right mix of traffic, knowledge and creativity, there is still …

affiliatesHottest Marketing Buzz Words: Transparency and Personalization