building a great affiliate website

Building A Great Affiliate Website

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We here at AddsPro love to educate our affiliate marketers and often answer questions about the various ins and outs. Hard work doesn’t always mean pulling the best results. Sometimes you have work smarter and not harder. Sometimes, there is simply one or two elements that are missing or deficient. Something that worked last month isn’t doing so well this month. There is always something to learn in this business.

Luckily, the great minds over at Who Is Hosting This posted an infographic that helps get things on the right foot. This will give you pretty good run down on at least starting out with the right set of tools.

7 Secrets of Successful Affiliate Websites - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog


While you’ll still need to add your own research, work and sweat into making your site a success, this is a great starting point.

Some of the best advice from this infographic is Create Good Content. Without it, you’re not going to make very much money in 2015 (or even 2016). It should be a huge focal point of your efforts. Without it, no one will visit your site and click on your banners or opt in for your killer email newsletter.

affiliatesBuilding A Great Affiliate Website