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Are You Taking Advantage of Chat Apps?

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If you’re doing mobile marketing or have a mobile version of your site (if not, you’re missing out on traffic and income), you should be adding one more tool into your chest: Chat App Marketing.

Chances are you’re doing a few things on Facebook and Twitter for your mobile efforts, but what about some of the newer kids on the block (that many clever marketers have already added to their arsenal and ading to their bank accounts with)?

2015 has been and will continue to be the Year Of The Chat App. That trend will definitely grow into the new year as well. The buzzword being tossed around is “conversation marketing”.

Conversation Marketing is, according to Contently’s article 10 Content Marketing Buzzwords You’re Going to Hear Way Too Much This Year, it may even become a phrase we get tired of. That being said, you should be ready to capitalize and profit from it.

It’s time to learn how to use SnapChat, WhatsApp and the latest apps that millennials are flocking to. Get in early and learn them and what makes them tick. Learn your audience and give them the conversations they are asking for.

Everyone may be on Facebook, or moe correctly, may be “on” Facebook, but their conversations are moving to apps. They don’t have the same “public” face as other social media accounts and therefor tend to be more honest. Use this to engage users on these platforms. We’re not talking about spamming or overt, in your face marketing, but by engaging in their conversations and gaining their loyalty.

Sarah Burke wrote a great article for Spokal outlining What Is Conversational Marketing. By adding some of this into your Chat App Marketing efforts, you can capitalize on these trends and now find an audience that is more receptive of your message and is more likely to not only spread the message, but become buyers of the products you’re promoting.

Comment below if you’ve had success with Chat App Marketing. We’d love to hear from you.

affiliatesAre You Taking Advantage of Chat Apps?