ways to increase your clickthroughs

3 Simple Ways To Increase Your Clickthroughs

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You can increase clickthroughs on your ads without getting flagged for fraud. You need to think of how you are going to make your website a nice place to be while getting people to click on all the ads you have. The ads on your website are going to be much more beneficial to you when you take a few simple steps in your writing. Your website can point to your ads without being overt, …

affiliates3 Simple Ways To Increase Your Clickthroughs
new trends in affiliate marketing

5 New Trends In Affiliate Marketing

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Every year, new trends of affiliate marketing are gaining popularity. Gone are the days when merchants take the approach of affiliate marketing as a secondary marketing method. With the rapid growth of online shopping and audience, affiliate marketing has become a primary advertising and money making method for the merchants and the marketers. Based on the data and survey reports, here are top five trends that every affiliate marketer should watch for in 2015. 1. …

affiliates5 New Trends In Affiliate Marketing

Welcome To Affiliates.Addspro.com

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Welcome to the all-new AddsPro Affiliate Blog. Our goal is to keep our affiliates up to date on the latest news, offers and goings on here at AddsPro. We know that a lot of our affiliates are newcomers, so will provide an array of tools and tips to help those who may be new to affiliate marketing. We’ll also provide sound advice for seasoned vets and advanced users to grow incomes. Be sure to visit …

affiliatesWelcome To Affiliates.Addspro.com

Affiliate Tip: Banner Placements

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Tip Level – Beginner Banner placement on your page is important. When people are reading, they read from right to left and top to bottom, so your showcase banner should always be at the top of the page. This is the spot that will get the most clicks. You also want your banners to flow with the page. So, when going over your page for spots to place banners, read your site and watch the …

affiliatesAffiliate Tip: Banner Placements

Common Terms

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The affiliate marketing industry uses a lot of terms that may seem foreign if you’re new. Here are a few of the more common terms and their meanings. PPL (Pay Per Lead) – This is an offer that pays when a lead is generated. A lead is usually a confirmed email address, but can differ from offer to offer. PPS (Pay Per Sale) – This is an offer that pays when a sale is generated. …

affiliatesCommon Terms