introduction to a/b split testing

An Introduction to A/B Split Testing

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Unfortunately, increasing your revenue as an online publisher is never just a question of increasing the number of advertisements or expanding your blog’s advertising space. Instead, it’s about trying multiple blog configurations in order to find the optimal placements for those advertisements. However, how does a blogger go about finding that all-important layout where their click-through rate (CTR) is optimized? The answer comes from using an A/B split test. So, what is an A/B split …

affiliatesAn Introduction to A/B Split Testing

Designers Block? You Should Be Using Crayon

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Have you ever been working on a design or you have a deadline and hit a creative block? Maybe your designs are getting old and a little dated? From time to tiome, we all hit creative blocks or just need some new inspiration. Luckily, there’s a site called Crayon, which is a search engine for creatives. Using Crayon, so can see other creatives, including landing pages, home pages, about us pages and more. The site …

affiliatesDesigners Block? You Should Be Using Crayon
marketing buzzwords tripwire marketing

Hottest Marketing Buzzword: Tripwire Marketing

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This is the second article in our series on hot marketing buzzwords. The goal is to provide some clarity of these new buzzwords you may here as you become a better, more well educated marketer. Read the first article in the series, “Transparency and Personalization” here. If you have spent any amount of time online in search of marketing strategies, then you have likely run across the term “tripwire marketing.” The term is actually quite …

affiliatesHottest Marketing Buzzword: Tripwire Marketing
graphics for the non-designer

Creating Blog Graphics For Non-Designers

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So, you’ve created your blog, written some great articles, have your social media strategy implemented and ready for the money to come rolling in. Is something missing? Is there something you could add to make your article even better? Likely, you’re missing: great graphics. Graphic elements are a great way to enhance your articles and make reading them more enjoyable for your visitors. So, you’re not a designer? Maybe you don’t know Photoshop beyond making …

affiliatesCreating Blog Graphics For Non-Designers
mistakes affiliate marketers make

5 Mistakes Newbie Affiliate Marketers Make

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Getting started in affiliate marketing isn’t easy. Most beginner affiliate marketers think they’ll write a blog, sprinkle in some banners and make instant riches, giving their boss the finger. It doesn’t quite work that way. While a substantial income is in the realm of possibility, try to avoid these early year pitfalls that trap most new affiliate marketers in a purgatory of low earnings and no growth. 1. Unrealistic Expectations Many beginner affiliate marketers read …

affiliates5 Mistakes Newbie Affiliate Marketers Make
profiting from chat apps

Are You Taking Advantage of Chat Apps?

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If you’re doing mobile marketing or have a mobile version of your site (if not, you’re missing out on traffic and income), you should be adding one more tool into your chest: Chat App Marketing. Chances are you’re doing a few things on Facebook and Twitter for your mobile efforts, but what about some of the newer kids on the block (that many clever marketers have already added to their arsenal and ading to their …

affiliatesAre You Taking Advantage of Chat Apps?
building a great affiliate website

Building A Great Affiliate Website

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We here at AddsPro love to educate our affiliate marketers and often answer questions about the various ins and outs. Hard work doesn’t always mean pulling the best results. Sometimes you have work smarter and not harder. Sometimes, there is simply one or two elements that are missing or deficient. Something that worked last month isn’t doing so well this month. There is always something to learn in this business. Luckily, the great minds over …

affiliatesBuilding A Great Affiliate Website

Income Builders: Let’s Monetize Your Blog

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You’ve created your latest, greatest blog. You’ve added tons of high quality fresh, readable content and added our Kraverr content widget. You have some traffic flowing through your social media channels and maybe even some paid advertising. Now, you want to make some money so you can not only pay your hosting bill, but maybe quit the day job and make a full time income from blogging. Here is a list of 4 quick and …

affiliatesIncome Builders: Let’s Monetize Your Blog
transparent and personalization

Hottest Marketing Buzz Words: Transparency and Personalization

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Affiliate marketing, and marketing in general, has changed and morphed over the years. For those who’ve been earning a living in affiliate marketing, it’s been a series of up, downs and transitions. What made money before barely pays the hosting bill now and what were once shunned marketing practices have become mainstream. For those new to affiliate marketing, it’s quite the ride, but with the right mix of traffic, knowledge and creativity, there is still …

affiliatesHottest Marketing Buzz Words: Transparency and Personalization
affiliate marketing tax guide

An Affiliate Marketers Guide To Taxes

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Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some extra income and eventually turn into a full time career. However, if you make a profit and do not give the IRS a compulsory cut of it, you would find yourself in deep problems with the law. There are some basic taxes codes that are applicable to affiliate marketers, some useful tools to ensure great accounting and bookkeeping practices, information about 1099s, penalties for not paying …

affiliatesAn Affiliate Marketers Guide To Taxes