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Best Way to Drive Traffic

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Digital marketing campaigns are a profitable way to drive more traffic to your company website. Activities include search engine optimization, social media and content marketing, email marketing and other technological activities. Here are five important tips that can help your company create a fierce digital marketing strategy. Step One – Set an Objective Work on a digital marketing strategy starts by setting a goal. It is the objective you want to reach once the campaign …

affiliatesBest Way to Drive Traffic
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Four Exciting Trends in Tech

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While domestic manufacturing jobs continue to be sent overseas to grow profits, the U.S. technology sector continues to move forward. Expansion of employees, research and development, and record profits indicate that the tech sector is not slowing down anytime soon. So what major factors are driving this industry? Will Americans and Canadians blindly adopt every new gadget that Apple and Google produce? Will retail sales continue to drop as millennials exercise their growing buying power …

affiliatesFour Exciting Trends in Tech
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The Most Expensive Keywords on Google

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Many businesses use Google as a sources of revenue. One of Google’s most noticeable form of revenue is the ads that appear every time you do a search for specific keywords. Have you ever wondered how much that keyword costs? To answer your question, it all depends on how often people search for it. Here’s an infographic thank to SEMrush and WebpageFX:

affiliatesThe Most Expensive Keywords on Google
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Best Way to Achieve Your Sales Goals

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Sometimes it might be difficult to reach your target audience and you may not know why. Here’s a list of ideas on how to achieve your goals: – Study your target market. Know what they like and their behaviors before executing any sales campaigns. – Set your goals. Give yourself a realistic goal, don’t aim too high so you don’t get disappointed. – Review your goals on a weekly basis. Watch your analytics and reanalyze …

affiliatesBest Way to Achieve Your Sales Goals
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Dominating News Through Social Media

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As technology progresses, access to news gets easier and easier. Social media is now bringing news to the fingertips of millions. With this phenomenon comes the competition. The leading contenders in the news distribution battle are Apple, Twitter, and Facebook. To begin with Apple news does not carry original content and doesn’t have major social exposure. The app collects content from over 70 publishers and is being used by approximately 40 million people. The main …

affiliatesDominating News Through Social Media
organize and prioritize for success

Organization and Prioritization

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We’ve had a series of articles that explore getting organized to increase your productivity and income. If you want to make more money in affiliate marketing, then you need to find advantages over your competition and one of the best ways to do that is to stay organized so you can save time. The old adage is true: time is money. Once you’ve started organizing better, you’ll want to prioritize your tasks. This way you’ll …

affiliatesOrganization and Prioritization
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4 Productivity Tips For The Super Busy Affiliate Marketer

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Being a super busy affiliate marketer often means you’re wearing many hats and juggling several tasks at once. Sometimes we sit and type away and realize we weren’t 100% productive. The great minds over at Hubspot have created an infographic highlighting 4 ways to pump up your productivity. They range from your work environment to taking of yourself to getting the most out of productivity tools. Body nourishment and getting enough sleep tend to be …

affiliates4 Productivity Tips For The Super Busy Affiliate Marketer
essnetial content marketing metrics

29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics You Should Be Using

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So, you’ve made the switch to or added to your mix some content marketing. Now what? You’re going to need some measurable metrics. Thanks to the folks at Curata, here are 29 of them you should be paying attention to. The metrics are broken down into 7 main metrics: Consumption, Retention, Sharing, Engagement, Leads, Sales and Production/Cost. Each has their own importance and together as a whole, will give you a good idea of how …

affiliates29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics You Should Be Using
expand your skills and income

Expand Your Skills (and Income) With These 13 Sites

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In today’s climate, the self-starting affiliate marketer needs to keep their skills sharp and growing. If you’re looking to sharpen or enhance your skills (and thereby increasing your income with your new found knowledge) here are 13 great places to start. All links open in a new window Online courses and programs: Coursera – Take courses from major universities for free. The subjects vary and in some cases, they are introductory courses and even some …

affiliatesExpand Your Skills (and Income) With These 13 Sites