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A Tapestry of Analytics: Using Big Data to Inspire Creativity and Drive Profitability

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The early internet was not accidentally dubbed “the information superhighway”. What was true then is even more true today: between the plethora of social media sites, online commerce sites, and search engine analytics, the title has never been more appropriate. All of the information collected by these sites flows into databases too massive to be analyzed through traditional means. We call this immense coalescence of information “Big Data”. It is the city through which the information superhighway flows, and all of that traffic is a brand marketing gold mine. Read your customer base’ analytics and statistics, and you have a window into how best to help your business build a brand that fulfills your clientele’s desires and needs.

Now for the practical part: how does your creative department take the massive amount of raw data collected about your brand, make it understandable, and then inspire them to make your brand the customer’s first choice? It is equivalent to telling a marksman to hit a moving target without telling them what it looks like or where it is going. Inspiring creative vision through data is what Big Data analysts base their business on every day. Your marketing agency or department needs to be analyzing all of your statistics and analytics flowing through and around your brand online. These analysts are responsible for carving a vision and a direction from the immense quarry walls of Big Data. With that focus in mind, analysts show the creatives what customers are looking for every day. Using the vision hewn from data, creatives can design and align your brand with what customers are telling you every day through their browsing habits. This analytically targeted branding drives your revenue as customers flock to your business based on how your brand aligns with their needs. Higher revenues lead to higher profitability, and your business thrives.

This cohesion between Big Data and inspiring creative marketing is the tapestry of analytics: a cohesive work of art woven delicately from raw numbers and interpretations, its threads spun from customers’ own wants and needs. Fulfilling those wants and needs is what will drive revenue and profit for your business as your brand grows and expands. If you feel that your business is behind the power curve when it comes to taking advantage of the brand opportunities provided by Big Data, you should consult with a marketing firm that specializes in Big Data analysis. Know what your customers are telling you. Use that to create a vision and direction. Inspire your content creators to establish your brand as every client and customer’s first choice.

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affiliatesA Tapestry of Analytics: Using Big Data to Inspire Creativity and Drive Profitability