tips for beating banner blindness

6 Tips for Beating Banner Blindness

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Banner blindness is a problem that many business website owners have, and here are some tips for beating it and improving your click rates and profits:

Tip #1: Know Where to Place Your Ads

Whether you knew it or not, there are places on a website page that people look at first when they are browsing the Internet. So, where you place something like a banner ad makes a big difference in whether or not you get lots of clicks and sales. The best places to put them are above and to the left of your content, or if possible, inside the text of your content, as well as on top of the page.

In fact, one study showed that banner ads at the top of a website page got more than 150 percent more clicks than if it was placed at the bottom.

Tip #2: Make it Colorful

Another tip to get your ads noticed is to liven up your color schemes. If you use colors that stand out you will get something like a share box noticed more often. Plus, if you can make your ads look like they are part of your content, it also helps you to get more clicks.

Tip #3: Spy on Website Visitors

There are legal ways to “spy” on the visitors to your website so you can understand more how they are engaging with your content. This can be done with cookies that track their browsing habits and are embedded into your ads.

Tip #4: Experiment with Different Techniques

Every website is different and so is every website visitor. What grabs the attention of one person would be ignored by another. So, if one type of banner ad isn’t working, then try a different kind and you might see some improvements. For instance, some examples of innovative banner ads have been using the entire background of a site as the ad, adding videos to ads, and using a welcome page as a way to show your ads.

Tip #5: Make Ads Relevant to Your Customers

A study showed that less than three percent of website visitors thought most banner ads they saw on the Internet were relevant to them.

That means more than 97 percent of these ads aren’t even getting clicked on at all! That sounds shocking to advertisers, so it should make you look hard at your banner ads and make sure they content information that is relevant to your target audience.

Tip #6: Make Ads Geo Located

Another way to go is to make ads that target your customers based on where their location is with Geo location type ads that work based on where the person signs onto the Internet and shows them your store, for instance, if they are in the same town or even a few blocks away if they are signing in from a mobile device.

The bottom line is that you can make your ads better and more relevant and therefore beat banner blindness with just a few choices to make things better.

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