5 sources of free traffic for your site

5 Sources Of Free Traffic For Your Website

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One of the most important aspects of a marketing campaign is ROI. It does not matter if you sell One Million Dollars worth of product if it took $999,999 to sell it. That is why many companies turn to affiliate marketers. They pass on the costs of their campaigns and just give a commission when a sale is made. ROI is even more important to affiliate marketers because their margins are already slim as it is. In order to get the greatest ROI possible in a marketing campaign the cost of producing sales should be low, the lower the better and there is nothing lower than free.

When someone speaks about free traffic more often than not they are speaking about SEO. SEO is great and even though many people claim it does not work anymore, SEO can bring huge amounts of traffic to your site if it is done correctly. By optimizing every blog post to be search engine friendly a site will be rewarded tons of free quality traffic. The most important thing in SEO is to remember that in order to receive quality traffic a site has to give quality content. By only posting quality relevant information a site will climb higher and higher in the search results.

Forums are a great source of free traffic, in fact they can be considered the first social networks. Forums provide a targeted group of people that are passionate about a certain topic. Forums in a sense provide targeted advertising for a marketer if they know how to act. In order to effectively advertise in a forum it is essential to become part of the group. Many forums are close-knit communities that frown on outsiders. Once part of the community they will support your marketing endeavours. Forums can provide huge amounts of targeted traffic that will boost ROI since they are mostly free.

Classified Ads can be a really good source of free traffic. There are multiple classified sites around the web that offer the opportunity to post ads for free. People are always looking for something on classified sites, so they provide a perfect place for marketers to display their offers. These sites provide a perfect place to show ads at the perfect price. There are many different types of classified sites and they can range from general to very specific. Just like forums some classifieds are targeted to specific groups of people.

Social Media is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It has never been easier to connect to someone than it is today. Social media companies provide the perfect place to grow a following around a specific topic. Then a marketer can easily promote their offers to the followers or fans of his page. One of the best things about social media is that for the most part it is free. Anyone can start a page dedicated to a topic and grow it organically with great content.

Reddit might just be the king of viral traffic. Reddit is not known to all of the web but for the majority of people that do know it know that it can provide massive amounts of free traffic. Reddit has all of the components that make a site great. It is part forum, part classified, and part social media. Not to mention that it is great in the subject of SEO. Marketers that know how to tap into this massive traffic source know that they better be prepared. It has been proven that Reddit can destroy a site, and if they are prepared to capture this traffic then massive amounts of profit can be made.

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