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5 New Trends In Affiliate Marketing

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Every year, new trends of affiliate marketing are gaining popularity. Gone are the days when merchants take the approach of affiliate marketing as a secondary marketing method. With the rapid growth of online shopping and audience, affiliate marketing has become a primary advertising and money making method for the merchants and the marketers. Based on the data and survey reports, here are top five trends that every affiliate marketer should watch for in 2015.

1. Strength of Mobile Commerce:

Mobile traffic is the true strength of affiliate networks. Take the example of the success stories of many affiliate marketers who have experienced a rapid rise of mobile traffic during the sales season. For an instance, the affiliate networks have earned more in November than any month with up to 21 percent of sales out of the total 37 percent of overall clicks. Keeping this in mind, it can be estimated that the growth of mobile e-commerce is more likely to be in an exponential manner.

2. A Refined Attribution:

Whether it is online marketing or any area of marketing, attribution is an important and hot area. Considering the complexity of online marketing, a refined attribution is a must. In short, merchants use a system of attribution to monitor and evaluate the valuable partnerships and the ones that are delivering good incremental revenue. Based on that, brands compensate their partners accordingly. Every merchant should use a well-defined attribution model to evaluate such actions. Some of the popular models include the time-decay attribution, multi-touch, and position-based attribution models. Even SaaS platforms are quite popular to control data of online marketing.

3. Complementary digital marketing channels for site optimizations:

To diversify a successful affiliate marketing campaign, marketers can use the digital marketing channels. The key advantage is limitless opportunities to market your affiliate campaign. Using a united framework, a marketer can get better insight into performance, increased visibility of his marketing channels, and understand how each affiliate fits into individual sections in the marketing field. Combining these channels, a marketer can easily determine the exact path to conversion and search engine optimization.

4. New Opportunities in Mobile:

Considering the success of digital marketing strategy, marketers can expect to see a growth in this field in affiliate marketing too. After the exponential growth of the mobile e-commerce in 2014, you can expect to see digital marketing outpacing the overall growth of e-commerce in 2015 as well. With the increase of mobile traffic, a marketer can make good earnings through affiliate business. In 2014, 15-18 percent of the orders on Cyber Monday came only from the mobile devices.

5. Partnerships with Non-Traditional Affiliates

Partnering with non-profit organizations and non-traditional affiliates can also increase your online visibility. Amazonsmile and Shutterfly’s photo books are some of those popular affiliate that partner with organizations to raise money. Nonprofit affiliates can eventually increase the chance of a sale at the partner websites, which will improve each affiliate marketer’s revenue. With the increasing success of such partnerships, storefront merchants are all set to expand such non-traditional affiliate platforms in 2015.

affiliates5 New Trends In Affiliate Marketing