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3 Ways To Add Some Interactivity To Your Site

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Internet marketing is becoming more and more competitive and you must find methods to stand out from the crowd to create more traffic. These days visitors are unsatisfied with only coming to your website and reading your text articles. In addition, they want to be able to interact with you and others. If you’d like to drive more traffic to your site and ensure they keep returning, here’s what you have to do. You need to give them something which will involve them with your website. You can do it by adding interactive elements to your website.

Interactive components are those strategies you use to get your visitors to interact with you and or among themselves that will create enough interest to keep them coming back to your website over and over.

Here are a few examples of interactive components in receiving repeat visitors, and how they can benefit you:

Polls and surveys

Perhaps you have found that controversial topics appear to get plenty of attention? How many times did you read something for that very reason? You wish to generate interest with your interactional components that will increase traffic. So put controversial polls and surveys on your own website. As they need to be in good taste, you have to find a balance though. In case you don’t need to make them controversial you should make them.

Add societal sites

Do you know anybody these days who’s not on Twitter Facebook or Google Plus? Me neither. Essentially people like to interact with each other and you also must benefit from this. You have access to an extremely large group of prospective and traffic buyers by adding these societal sites to your website. Treat them right and you can get them to talk about you as well as your offerings. Online, favorable word of mouth marketing is very important.

Allow submissions

It’s possible for you to let your website users to submit articles, hints or jokes. This is like having guest bloggers and is a good way to get fresh content for your website. Simply develop a form in your home page using a link to a page where users can submit their particular content. You will then contain these submissions in your website as soon as they’ve been approved. Now, you have two choices here. You could enable the submissions to be used any place else other than on your website. This means you keep no rights to them and use them for free. Or you also might consider retaining all the rights and paying a little fee. Get some help from a lawyer for this choice though.

affiliates3 Ways To Add Some Interactivity To Your Site