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3 Tricks To Make Your Content More Viral

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In today’s traffic landscape, one of the most talked about is viral traffic. Getting your content viral takes quality, timing and a bit of luck. Using these 3 tricks, you can create content that is more likely to get that magic spark and go viral, bringing in tons of quality, free traffic.


The most powerful way to get your content to go viral is through incentive based sharing methods. Generally speaking, you need to give a reason for people to share your content with their friends, family, and even co workers whom they interact with on a regular basis. For example, if you have a video or article that you want to drive more traffic towards, offer a gift (e-books, PDFs, pictures, etc.) to everyone that retweets, likes, or comments on that particular content. People are naturally drawn to things that are given away for free; rather it’s free samples at the grocery store, coupons in the newspaper, or free trials for subscription packages. By giving this gift away to your viewers, they become more likely to listen to your message and share it with the social circle around them.

Content is King

The quality and production value of your content is the single most important aspect you need to pay attention to in order to go viral. You may have the best message in the world but your ideas will not have the reach needed in order to make an impact if it’s not high quality. If you’re creating an article, this could equate to spending extra time in the editing phase of your development. For video based content, this could mean going above and beyond in terms of video clarity, or even adding special effects.

The main goal is to captivate your audience and place yourself as an authority figure worth listening to. An audience can tell the quality of your message in seconds if you have low standards for what you’re putting out into the world. As a rule of thumb, it’s better to care too much and quality rather than too little.


Collaborating with someone else in your unique market is another brilliant way to get your content to become viral. The old saying “two heads are better than one,” rings true with this approach. Niche platforms like blogging are perfect in the sense that each blogger has a following and community that frequently engages with the content that they produce. When you collaborate with these people you gain the additional viewership from their community and combine it with your own which leads to a chance of becoming viral.

In the same regard, it allows for more people to share, like, and repost the content that you and your partner have created. As a side note, you need to become a person that consistently puts out high quality content on a regular basis. Often times, people have the misconception that they will release one piece of work and it will become a viral sensation over night. On the contrary, many people who have had success in the viral arena were individuals who produced content on a regular basis before that initial popularity. Developing a strong work ethic towards producing professional level content should be at the core of your endeavours.

affiliates3 Tricks To Make Your Content More Viral