The New Era Of Affiliate Marketing


Welcome to the AddsPro affiliate marketing hub. We pride ourselves on offering a complete, highly profitable experience for affiliate marketers. These days, it can be tough to make money with affiliate marketing, with companies and programs slow paying or not paying at all. Poor landing pages and lack of support have sent conversions on a downward spiral. At AddsPro, we want to bring your marketing efforts to the next level and provide you tools to make the most with your traffic.

We take affiliate marketing seriously. Our group of advertising professionals works hand in hand with advertisers to help them make the most money and part of that formula includes taking care of our most valuable resource – our marketers. We prefer to refer to our affiliate as marketers as they aren’t just a number, they are our representatives who market our offers to the world.

Enter the New Era Of Affiliate Marketing today and make the most money possible with your site. We’ve revamped our offerings and included tools for today’s marketers. We aren’t your father’s affiliate marketing platform.

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Moving Forward Into The New Era

At AddsPro, we recognize that the old ways just don’t work as well any more. Today’s affiliate marketer needs bolder creatives, innovation and has to keep up on social trends. We offer a 4 fold path to success.


In this day and age, communication is more important than ever. We’ve added several support options to assist our affiliates, including private social channels.

Get Paid

At AddsPro, we pride ourselves on timely, accurate payments to our affiliates. Marketer payments are made on the 15th and 30th of every month like clockwork. No more wondering when you’ll be paid.

High Payouts

With a combination of high converting landing pages plus massive payouts, our affiliates can count on every click being worth as much as possible.


Addspro uses the latest tracking technology to provide accurate stats reporting. We also offer innovative new creatives and landing pages.

Setting Ourselves Apart

setting ourselves apart

As we push forward to the new era of affiliate marketing, we want to arm our affiliates with the latest in ads and creatives. There is a bigger push towards social media and content marketing for today’s modern marketer. We’ve responded by implementing features that will assist in the new marketing efforts.

Here are some of our offerings:

The advertising landscape has changed and with content amplification platforms quickly gaining ground, we’ve responded by providing advertorial landers. Beyond the simple one page landers that affiliates have become accustomed to, advertorial landers allow for better conversions and in formats that go above and beyond simple order form and text.
These multi-page landers are essentially mini-websites that allow our marketers multiple chances for a commission. They have the look and feel of actual websites that user will want to visit over and over again. They contain an assortment of content articles and banner ads, plus strong advertorial content, changing the face of what a landing page should look like. Users often click on one of the offers and return to the site only to click again to other offers, allowing the marketer the chance for multiple commissions from the same user, without all of the pushy upsells.
Tired of seeing the same pitiful handful of banners that haven’t been updated in years? Our new “house designed” offers have fresh, unique banners that compliment the offers. We also have banners for all of our Advertorials and Multi-Page Landers that are created to be click magnets.
All of our “house designed” ads and landers are 100% compliant with the latest traffic platforms, including Google Adwords, Facebook, Taboola, Outbrain, MGID, Pinterest and other social media platforms. We keep a constant eye on what these platforms require and keep our ads within compliance. No more getting your campaigns rejected or shut down for non-compliance.
Introducing Kraverr, our new content discovery and amplification platform. Own a content-based site or blog? Register today, submit your articles and start receiving free traffic. Place our content discovery widget on your site and provide your users with even more great articles, plus get even more traffic. The more times our widget is seen on your site and the more clicks you send, the more you own content will show on other widgets. Register today and mention that you are an AddsPro marketer and receive front-of-the-line service for submission approvals, plus extra traffic boosts. Learn more about Kraverr here.

New To Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing newbie

Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned vet looking for some new ideas, our blog features articles, tips and help to get you on your way to earning more with your traffic. Register with AddsPro today and get started with us on our journey into the New Era Of Affiliate Marketing.